Custom Text-- Chapter Two

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    Last Friday had been the last day of school.  It had been very boring for it was not much more than locker cleaning, desk cleaning, having everyone sign your yearbook, and backpacking everything home that they had taken to school throughout the year.  For example, Larry had to take home his hampster cage he had loaned the class to keep the class hampster in.  It had been Larry''s job to take the little guy home over the holidays, or any long weekends.  The fuzzy little creature had gone without a name for quite a while, for when they decided to vote on a name for him, all the girls wanted to call it Nibbles, and all the boys wanted to name him Mr. Pebbles, because that is all he did was leave millions of little pebbles behind him everywhere he went.  The girls all thought that was just gross.
    Unfortunately, there were equal numbers of boys and girls in the class, so when they took it for a democratic decision, it was a tie.  What were the odds of that, Larry was thinking and daydreaming to himself instead of getting his belongings together.  So how did they solve it?  They named him both names, and he became Mr. Nibbles Pebbles.  Mrs. Hester, their teacher, was going to take Mr. Nibbles Pebbles home with her for the summer, but she had brought a small carrier to transport him in.  Larry looked at the cage in bored discust, for Mr. Nibbles Pebbles had chewed up everything he could get his teeth on and had also left enough pebbles to fill a truck, well, maybe not quite a truck....
   "Hey, what are you daydreaming about now!" Steven said loudly and right behind Larry, causing him to jump and fall completely out of his chair and onto the floor.  Everyone in the classroom looked up at him, and he could feel his ears turning hot, and he know they were probably glowing bright red.  He got up and slugged Steven in the arm, "Very funny, sometimes I wonder if you are my friend because you like me, or just because you need a sidekick to pick on and make fun of.  I always seem to be the butt of your jokes, and you really make me mad sometimes." said Larry.
   "Hah, you were the butt of that joke," Steven continued to taunt him, "That is exactly where you landed.  What were you thinking about, you looked like you were about a million miles away?" Steven asked.
   "Hey, can't you just shut up?  I'm gonna get you real good after school's out, everyone in the whole class saw me land on my rear, and now you are announcing it, why don't you post a bullitin?"  Larry was getting angry.  Even though they were best friends, sometimes they were more like brothers, and there were even times when they got into real fistfights, like the time when they both decided that they wanted Wendy for their date for the end of the year dance.  It had been the first boy and girl dance and both of them had a crush on Wendy.  
   As it turned out, because they got into a brawl over her, neither one of them had thought that maybe Wendy should be the one to decide who she wanted to go to the dance with.  Both Larry and Steven had ended up with black eyes, and Wendy accepted Thomas's invitation to go to the dance instead.  The two of them had been so stubborn about being the one to take her, that by the time one of them actually asked her, she had already said yes to Thomas.  The two boys really got a good laugh out of that one in the end.  How stupid had they been?  Neither one had thought to ask her.
   Larry took the cage over to the trash can, put the animal in his shirt pocket, and dumped the contents of the cage into the trash.  Well, that was easier than he thought it would be.  He kept the hampster in his pocket for the rest of the day, which was only about an hour and a half, and finished cleaning out his desk.  There, he was done, and he left Steven standing there by himself, ignoring him and went to get some of his "friends" to sign his yearbook.  He purposely waited to ask Wendy to sign it till the very last.  
    "Hi Wendy", Larry said to her, "Will you sign my yearbook before the bell rings?
   "Sure I will, but only if you sign mine too," she said to him and smiled so that her dimples showed.  "I saw what happened before when Steven made you fall off your chair, did he push you?"  she asked.  He had been hoping she wouldn't bring it up but there it was, she brought it up first thing.
   "No he didn't push me, he just came up behind me and scared the crap out of me, you know he really makes me mad sometimes." said Larry, trying to get out of the embarrassing conversation.  
   Suddenly, the furry little pebble maker himself popped up out of his front shirt pocket, changing the direction of everyone's attention off of him and onto the tri colored, long haired  ball of fur he had completely forgotten about  
   "Oh look, you have Nibbles in your pocket, are you taking him home with you for the summer?", Werndy asked.  "You are so lucky sometimes, I wish I could be the class pet moniter sometime!" she said, this time with a little more excitement in her voice. 
   "It's not that hard to be the class pet moniter Wendy, all you have to do is to bring your hampster from home when school starts in September.  Let the teacher make friends with it, and -BAM- your worthless hampster has a job just like that."   Larry told her in his best comedian impersonation.
   He decided to just start writing in the yearbook, for he was starting to feel like everyone was looking at him again, and it worked, she began signing his too.
   Now all he had to do was to figure out what to write in her book.  Nothing mushy, but he just had to let her know how he felt about her, at least just a little bit.  All of a sudden he know the perfect thing to say to her and he began writing. 
   He wrote just this, To Wendy, the only girl in my class that I ever felt comfortable talking to.  Maybe we can go to the movies sometine during summer vacation.  He then signed it, Your Friend,   Larry.  
   "Here you go Wendy."  Larry barely got out. All of a sudden he felt like his heart was hanging out  on top of his clothes for everyone to look at.  Somehow he had the feeling that the whole class was listening in on his conversation with Wendy.  He knew he had to be blushing, for his face even felt like it was burning hot.  This had to be the hardest last day of school ever, and it had only turned that way the last hour or two.  He looked up at the clock and it was twenty minutes until he was officially done with the 6th grade.
   Wendy said she needed a little time to finish writing his so he told her to just drop it off at his desk when she had finished.  He had to clean out that cage and finish his desk or he would start his summer vacation doing those two things.
   Mrs Hester had walked up too the front of the class and was waving her hand to get the classes attention.  Everyone grew quiet farely quickly.  "Boy and girls, I just wanted to say to you all that it has been a peasure working with you and teaching you all this year, you made it so easy and enjoyable."  she said.  She almost looked like she was going to cry or something for  a minute.    "I wanted to tell you all something too" she continued.  I am getting married this summer to someone who is living in another state, so I will be moving, and will not be working here at this school another year."  she said, "But this class was special to me, and I will hold all of you dear in my memory.  As a matter of fact, I am in the process of writing a book, and there will be parts of it that will be represented by you guys", she  added.
   Suddenly the final bell rang, and kids yelled and ran and scrambled from every door of that school and you could hear kids from across the hallway, and from the playground, and every now and again you could hear the words "School is over, or schools done, and school out, let's get out of here".  Wendy stepped into his line of vision, handed him his yearbook and said, "Promise me that you won't let anyone else read what I wrote to you, and don't read it until you get home, please???" she asked, her eyes pleading with his.  
   He promised her what she wished, and she took off running, not even stopping to look back at him.  He was done and  started walking home.  He didn't even stop to look for Steve, who seemed to have vanished anyway.  He was upset with him even though it had been very minor, it had embarressed him .